The Forgotten prince

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A Fairy Tale Come true?

Imagine a world where fairy tales are true but also forgotten along with myths and you have yourself this world.

Basic Info

Name: Akito

Nickname-Forgotten Prince

Age- Unknown


Eyes- Blue but can turn Golden with green around the pupils

Fairy Tale- Its still being written





Sit down and listen

Im sure when you were a child you were told many fairy tales. Beautiful princesses, Dashing princes and horrible monsters, of fairies and dragons and other such wondrous things. Now what if I told you they were all real. That all those worlds were once real and connected to ours? That those gods you learned about in your history classes all existed and even still exist? That fairies and fae walk among us and that even witchs and wizards might even work with you? 

 Its true but it didn’t start out that way. Once each group had their own little world so to say. The fae or as you call them the Fairies had their own kingdom,  the unicorns, dragons they all kept to their own part of the world.  But you see like all things nothing was ever as happy as the stories you read.  Princes never stayed with the princesses and vise versa. The worlds weren’t so happy and with most running from the belief of humans with more and more humans becoming unbelievers the worlds were becoming weaker and weaker.

Our Story Begins

But im getting ahead of myself aren’t I this story isn’t about that yet. We begin our story in a kingdom known as Dalradia we find a place where the Fae kingdom and the human kingdom was the most connected. The Fae kingdom worked with the human kingdom and when the prince of the human kingdom had found his princess thanks to a glass slipper all celebrated.  It seemed all would be happy the prince finally had his princess and both kingdoms  enjoyed peace that was until the king of the Fae kingdom had begun an affair with the young princess. This king of thing wasn’t uncommon except the Fae queen did have a bit of a temper.When news the princess was with child hit the kingdoms all celebrated that was all except the Fae queen.  In her anger she put a curse upon the bloodline of the princess that each child would be born with a different curse and should they ever have a boy they shall be doomed to end with that line.

Is It truely happily ever after?

Now we move to many centuries later what happened to the princess and that kingdom? That’s something for the history books or perhaps the fairy tales. With the world becoming vastly different now and so many becoming non-believers the worlds had begun crumbling until those of the fairy tale worlds begun living amongst us. So many are a part of them but so few can see their true selves.  Those that do are lucky enough to have the blood of those in their vains or perhaps are just gifted or true believers or simply just seen as insane.

Our Prince

Now hold on I see you saying what happened to the princesses blood line? Do you really want to know? The bloodline continued all having Daughters except the newest born… A male a young boy with beautiful golden hair and a bright smile. His eyes to most seem blue but to those lucky enough to see see them as a golden orange color with green around the pupils. Though they look threatening his smile will always tell you of his soft heart. Unfortunately he sees the things that others don’t and has been locked away for quite awhile but now that he’s free the news of the lost prince has begun spreading but who or what will find him yet and just what is his curse? Only time will tell.